One of the main principles of the American Legion is to imagesfulfill the needs of veterans and their families. We strive to do this at both the Post and National levels. The individual Post programs provide aid to local vets and families while the National Organization actively lobbies with Congress to maintain funding for veterans’ benefits.

All these programs are not cheap and are funded through membership dues. That is why, even though our 2014 membership is 2,400,000, we must strive for new members. There are thousands of eligible younger veterans out there we don’t seem to be reaching. It’s your we are striving to preserve not just our own. We can’t fight this battle for you, we need your help to make our voices heard.

Visit local Posts and get to know the people, see what programs are available, then decide on which one to join and how you can help. We are constantly seeking new ideas, your ideas for activities to get new people involved in the Post. Let us know what you would like to see. We can only learn something new if someone shows it to us, and the only bad ideas are the ones you haven’t told us.

You are our future and without a future we will no longer exist. Help us help you, consider joining now. Stop by our Post, the post of your choice, or sign up at the National Post now.

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